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Stiebrs Farms Egg Processing Plant Packing Line

Job Description

Position Reports to: Egg Plant Manager, Processing Supervisor, Processing Lead​

Essential Functions:

  1. Bring empty carts, baskets, and boxes to work station
  2. Pack eggs into carts, baskets or boxes
  3. Ensure quality of products produced and packaged
  4. Check dates, packages, and labels to ensure they are correct and legible
  5. Maintain cleanliness and safety of work area
  6. Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Daily Tasks and Duties:

  1. ​Morning set up of machine (Start up at 6:00am)

  • Pulling all partial products from finished  cooler to be filled up
  • Putting trays and pans in proper places
  • Placing buckets and squeegees in proper places
  • Ensure all daters are in place and that they have ink
  • Have all empty boxes, baskets and carts ready in each work station

  1. Throughout Day

  • ​Checking dates for legibility, and accuracy to products being packaged
  • Checking packages for breakage
  • Cleaning and resetting jammed up lanes
  • Cleaning all egg and debris from floors
  • Ensuring that all products being produced and packaged are to Stiebrs Farms and consumer standards
  • Ensure that all baskets and carts being used are clean and in good working order
  • Minimize any over run of products
  • Check  work order for any changes needed

  1. End of Day

  • ​Clean all egg and debris off floors
  • Pull, empty, and wash all trays, pans, buckets and squeegees
  • Empty all garbage cans into dumpster
  • Put all partial products neatly into finished goods cooler
  • Clean all cardboard from box storage area and refill for next production day
  • Change MOBA daters for next production day


  1. Reading and writing skills
  2. Math skills
  3. Accurate record keeping skills

Education / Training:

  1. On the Job training for approximately 3 months

​Skills / Aptitudes:

  1. ​​Must be able to follow directions as well as procedures
  2. Possess good communication skills
  3. Ability to work in a TEAM environment
  4. Must take initiative and be self motivated
  5. Take care and have pride about product, its quality, and its appearance
  6. Be in physical shape to meet position requirements
  7. Think and plans ahead
  8. Ability to keep up with the pace of the machines

We have been providing the Pacific Northwest with quality and freshness for almost 60 years and are continuously striving to exceed all expectations in any way that we can.
The Hard work and dedication of our employees has been the key to our success and we are always looking for more team players to join our continuing efforts in providing only the best to our customers.

For more information for employment opportunities you can contact us, or send resumes to

Current Employment Opportunities


​Looking for experienced carpenters/framers to build pole barns.
Would prefer at least 2 years experience.​


Egg Gatherer

  • Operate Moba machine to collect eggs
  • Puling Broken or cracked eggs and putting them in a bucket
  • Supplying flats to the Moba machine
  • Assembling pallets and/or racks for shipment to Egg Plant
  • Recording daily activities on the house sheet/log
  • visual check for feed and water
  • Repair egg belts as needed
  • Clean egg room and Moba machine
  • Clean up broken eggs from the walk ways
  • Reporting house issues to supervisors/leads


  • ​Knowledge of and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/Food Safety


  • Quality minded
  • Reading and writing skills (English preferred)
  • Math Skills
  • Minimal Computer skills
  • Accurate record keeping skills


  • ​Must be able to follow directions as well as procedures
  • Possesses good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Must take initiative and be self-motivated
  • Takes care and has pride about product, its quality, and its appearance
  • Thinks and plans ahead
  • Ability to keep up with pace of the machine

Physical Requirements

  • ​Able to pass pre-employment drug test and physical
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs
  • Continuous pushing, pulling and standing
  • Constant use of eye/hand coordination
  • Aware of surroundings

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